Pro Kaustinen ry
PRESS RELEASE 15.12.2022


The production organisation Pro Kaustinen ry, which organises the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival. has confirmed the result of the past summer celebration and the production season at its annual meeting on 15.12.2022. The result for the financial year 2022 showed a deficit of EUR 21,662.50, while net sales were EUR 1,177,700.66. After two exceptional years of production, the festival had a total of 43450 visits and 16830 sold tickets.

"We are very pleased with last summer's festival. After two exceptional years, it was a pleasure to see that the musicians and the audience found their way to Kaustinen again. Based on the feedback received, we can say that we have organized a successful celebration," comments Executive Director Valtteri Valo.

At its meeting on 15.12.2022, the annual meeting of Pro Kaustinen ry elected Ira Korkala to continue as the chairman of the board, the current board members Pilvi Järvelä, Lauri Oino and Ilona Salomaa-Uusitalo will also continue in their positions of trust, Teemu Seikkula and Elina Viitanen will start as new board members.

"The cultural sector is recovering and the outlook for event production looks bright despite the challenges ahead. There is a bigger demand than perhaps ever before to enable people to meet and be together, as evidenced by the reception of last summer's celebration. Kaustinen's tradition is permanent, inviting and in many ways enables new openings," says Chairman Ira Korkala.

The Kaustinen Folk Music Festival will be held next summer 10.–16.7.2023. The festival's first programme information will be announced in January. The theme of the 2023 festival is Peace, and the regional theme is Central Finland. The national annual theme of the Promotion Centre for Folk Music and Folk Dance is Dive into the archives.

More info:
Ira Korkala, Chairman of the board, +358 40 583 2714,
Valtteri Valo, Executive Director, +358 40 358 2413,