Are you performing folk music, folk dance or more modern production based on them and want to get involved in creating a unique atmosphere of a family-friendly festival and present your music to a dedicated festival audience? Do not hesitate to apply!

The Pelimanni performer application is open until 5 pm on 31st of January 2024.

Apply by filling out an application form for Pelimanni performer (opens in a new window)

You may apply as a performer, if you are

  • a solo performer
  • a band or a group (2-50 person, and if you have a bigger group, please contact the festival office)
  • a choir / singing group
  • a folkdance group (accompanied with live music, no recorded music)

For Finnish folk dance groups (Mikäli kansantanssiryhmä on vailla elävää musiikkia, lue lisää Jaettuna parempi -konseptista ja hae mukaan!)

NOTE! This application form is meant for performers (pelimanni), who want to perform and enjoy the festival atmosphere at Kaustinen without financial compensation. Performers applying for an artist gets paid for their performance. The free-form application can be submitted either by e-mail directly to the Program Director or to Offers should be sent during August to December.

The 57th Kaustinen Folk Music Festival will be held from 8th to 14th of July 2024.

The Kaustinen Folk Music Festival serves a hand-picked diverse sample of Finnish Folk Music and Folk Dance, as well as an annual program presenting international ensembles and traditions.

The performers at the festival vary from traditional Finnish solo performers to contemporary folk bands and international acts. The programme includes folkdance, some Finnish popular artists, children´s music, multi-artistic performances besed on folklore and participatory acts. The festival plays a crucial role in the preservation and promotion of various fields of heritage from different regions of Finland and all over the world. The Festival has a unique family-friendly and cozy atmosphere, which is worth experiencing.

The theme of next year's festival in 2024 will be Visiting the Village, highlighting and demonstrating how villages, neighbourhoods or other micro-environments work at the grassroots level to promote a living cultural heritage. The theme emphasises the importance of active local level participation for the whole field of folk music and dance, but also for the well-being of the individual, and encourages all actors to visit both unfamiliar environments and familiar activities and traditions.

The regional theme for 2024 is South Ostrobothnia. The Centre for the Promotion of Folk Music and Folk Dance (CEFF) theme Make it up! will also be reflected in the festival programme.

We wish the applicants take these themes in concideration when building their programmes.

More info:

Kysymyksiin vastailee festivaalitoimiston väki!

tel. +358 40 3582 198