Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, est. 1968, has had a firm position nearly five decades as one of the most important folk music events in Europe. It has a crucial role in preserving and promoting folk tradition. Known for its unique atmosphere where both amateurs and professional artists mix freely, the festival is a rare blend of hundreds of inspired concerts, both domestic and international, workshops, improvised jam sessions and dance performances each summer.

The festival is built on strong and continuous tradition of folk musicianship, typical for the Kaustinen region. Over the past four centuries, folk music has been passed on from neighbor to neighbor and from the old to the young, creating a singular body of traditional music and style of playing. Today, this culture of local folk music is evident in the amount of youth at the festival, both on stage and in the audience.

The festival park is the main festival area. It is situated at the centre of Kaustinen, around the local school buildings. The festival park is family-friendly, and famous for being a clean and pleasant environment. The Keskipohjanmaa Arena is the main stage of the festival and the heart of the festival park. Here is a map of the festival area >>

The Iholla hall, Mauno’s Granary and Kaustinen hall concerts are open to those who have a day or an evening ticket. Please, note that only a limited amount of persons fit into the halls.

Accommodation. The festival organization does not provide accommodation services. There are many options which can be found here at our webpage.

The info point at the Kaustinen College of Music is located in the main lobby, tel +358 40 1701 966.

Festival programme in English. A printed version is also available at our info desks during the festival week.

Lost & Found. During the festival, there’s a Lost & Found service at the info point at the Kaustinen College of Music. After the festival, the found items are moved to the care of the Kaustinen Police Department.

There’s a First aid point at the secondary school building, next to the Music Hall. The contact phone number for the first aid is +358 40 7079 869.

Child care room is situated at the primary school building.

The age limit for Restaurant Troka and the Wine Tavern is 18 years, and for Kestikievari 18 years in the evening. At Café Mondo and Club Kallio there is separate area for under 18-year-olds.

Food & drink. There are several bars and cafés, a buffet restaurant, fast food stalls etc. within the festival premises serving guests from early mornings to late hours.

The festivaL is smoke-free. Smoking is permitted on specific areas only.

Cloakroom/instrument storage service is located in the Kaustinen College of Music. Please, note that the service is primarily for instruments. It is free of charge for festival performers.

Bike rental. There are rental bikes available for short term use. More information at the info desk.

Recycling point. Outside the secondary school building there is a recycling point for bio waste, paper, cardboard, glass, metal, batteries, and return bottles and cans.

At the Kaustinen secondary school building you’ll find the Folk Shop selling records, books, instrument accessories, small instruments, and festival merchandise. Many bands will perform surprise gigs there to promote their albums. Folk Shop is organised in collaboration with The Finnish Folk Music Association and the Folk Music Institute.

Festival shop is the festival’s own merchandise shop. It is situated at the secondary school building. That is the place to get your own Kaustinen T-shirt.

Dogs are welcome to the festival area, but they are not allowed in the restaurants, indoor concert venues, or other indoor areas. Dogs must be kept on a leash, and the owner is responsible for disposing of their dog’s waste.

Train/bus connections. The nearest train station is in Kokkola (ca. 45km). There is a bus connection to Kaustinen. The train timetables are available at www.vr.fi. There is a bus stop outside the train station, next to the old iron steam locomotive; this is where Kaustinen’s own FESTIVAL BUS as well as regular public busses stop. You can find the bus timetable at the back of the festival programme. The festival busses stop just outside the festival area in Kaustinen. There are also signs around Kaustinen directing those arriving by car.

Parking around the festival area is free, and a limited amount of visitor parking space is available very close to the festival area (next to the Kaustinen College of Music and the Folk Arts Centre). There is a separate parking area for performers and festival staff. There are festival staff members guiding the traffic around the parking areas.

You can find taxis during the festival by the main gate at the Festival Marketplace, or call +358 40 7080 490 to order one.

Gates. There are two main gates in the festival area, one next to the Kaustinen College of Music, and the other next at the Festival Marketplace.

There is a WLan network available in the festival park, provided by KaseNet Oy.