Where is Kaustinen?

Kaustinen (population 4300) is a Finnish municipality located in the Central Ostrobothnia region.

How to get there?

The nearest train station is in Kokkola (ca. 45km). There is a bus connection to Kaustinen. The train timetables are available at www.vr.fi. There is a bus stop outside the train station, next to the old iron steam locomotive; this is where Kaustinen’s own FESTIVAL BUS as well as regular public busses stop. You can find the bus timetable at the back of the festival programme (during the festival season). The festival busses stop just outside the festival area in Kaustinen. There are also signs around Kaustinen directing those arriving by car. You can reach Kaustinen also by airplane (Kokkola-Pietarsaari, see more info.)

Where to stay?

The festival organization does not provide accommodation services, but there are many options which can be found here at our webpage. See more

Weather conditions

Finland has four seasons and the typical weather during the festival season is warm, but there can be some rain, too (+20). It is not unusual to enjoy colder weather (+10) either, but we assure you that the snow is rare!