Finnish savings bank Avain Säästöpankki offers an opening day with free entrance for Kaustinen Folk Music Festival. Pictured the festival's excecutive director Valtteri Valo, Chairman of Pro Kaustinen ry Ira Korkala and Business director of Avain Säästöpankki Susanna Järvenpää. Photo by Viivi Paavola.

Kaustinen Folk Music Festival's opening day is on the 10th of July 2023 and everyone is welcomed to participate in the celebration of folk music and dance. There will be free entrance for everyone on the day of opening, which is made possible by savings bank Avain Säästöpankki.

A free-entrance opening day is a tradition at the festival. "Together with Avain Säästöpankki, we want to make attending the happiest days of summer as effortless as possible for everyone.", says the festival's executive director Valtteri Valo.

Collaborating with Kaustinen Folk Music Festival allows Avain Säästöpankki a wide and positive visibility not only locally, but nationwide. In addition to public visibility, the people of Avain Säästöpankki are also partaking in other parts of the festival, such as holding their own display tent in the area and performing their signature concert on Thursday.

"Accountability is one of Avain Säästöpankki's guiding values. In this collaboration we can implement accountability differently compared to what's ordinary at our bank. With this free-entrance on Monday we can enable a festival experience for all." announces the business director Susanna Järvenpää.      

"The organizing company for Kaustinen Folk Music Festival Pro Kaustinen ry and Avain Säästöpankki have worked previously together for many years in various ways. Now this contract is a fitting continuation for the cooperation and it makes new business collaboration concepts possible for the future. Sharing the same set of values strengthens the joint action. ", Chairman of Pro Kaustinen ry Ira Korkala concludes.

In earlier years the collaborators for the free-entrance opening day have been the council of Kaustinen, a subregion council of Kaustinen and entrepreneurs of Kaustinen.

Kaustinen Folk Music Festival is held on 10. - 16.7.2023. This year's theme for the Festival is Peace and the theme of region is Central Finland.This year's folk music and folk dance national theme is Arkistojen äärellä.