VirtualKaustinen - the happiest days of the summer also online 12.-18.7.2021!

VirtualKaustinen opens on Monday 12th July at 10 am at


Here is the registration form for the VirtualKaustinen Open Programme 

We hope that the virtual festival programme will include as many video performances as possible: folk music and folk dance as well as other traditional practices. Please note that you need to load the video to YouTube (instructions below) before you start registering. From all the videos we receive, we will compile a VirtualKaustinen Open programme for each day of the festival and publish them during VirtualKaustinen festival week. The VirtualKaustinen Open programme is free for everyone.

Instructions for shooting a video and registering for the VirtualKaustinen Open programme at the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival

Shoot a video of your or your group's presentation:

  • The video can consist of one song, an entire concert, or something in between. Length doesn't matter.
  • The content of the video can be folk music, folk dance, Children's Kaustinen's programme or a workshop. If you wish, you can even submit videos for every programme section. This information is always entered on the application form in connection with each link.
  • You can make your own video for each presentation and upload them separately to YouTube to create your own link to them. Posting multiple video links allows the same artist to share their performances over many days.
  • Shoot the video horizontally. This way, the video is visible on the entire screen and we can avoid black side bars.
  • Make sure the sound good. You can take a test shot and listen to the sounds. Therefore, if you are talking on video, you can move close to the microphone.

Upload your video to YouTube:

  • Upload the video to a public YouTube channel or ask a friend to do so.
  • Upload each video separately so a separate link is created for each of them - of course, a single video can also be a long one if you wish.

Enter your video’s information on YouTube:  


  • Name (required): The name of the performer
  • Description: you can tell about the performance and / or performer, the location, etc. and the names of the songs
  • Select: "No, it was not made for children"
    • This allows you to add a video to a playlist. Daily playlists are compiled from the VirtualKaustinen Open programme.

Save or publish:

  • Select: "Public"
    • This selection allows the video to be displayed to a virtual audience, and without this we will not be able to publish your video.
  • Publish the video and copy the video link

Register and submit a link:

  • Fill in the VirtualKaustinen Open registration form, which opens on 1st June 2021
  • Paste a video link in the field provided. You can attach many links to the same form.
  • Submit the registration form.


  • ALL those appearing in the video and other rights holders must give permission to publish the video. Pro Kaustinen ry is not responsible for the content or related rights of the videos.
  • The videos should be fairly new and preferably made for this purpose - unfortunately, old recordings will not be included.
  • Pro Kaustinen ry also has the right not to publish videos on the site if the content is not publishable or does not meet the general criteria of the festival programme.
  • Virtual Kaustinen is open until 18th of July. Playlist will remain visible on the YouTube channel after the festival week.

Thank you very much for registering and joining us for the happiest virtual days of the summer!

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