Kaustinen Showcase 2024

Showcase application is open!

Pelkkä Poutanen -niminen artisti esiintyy festivaalilavalla seisten soittimenaan konserttikantele. Lava on valaistu ja esiintyjällä on kultaiset vaatteet, jonka vuoksi kuva on häikäisevä.

Showcase artist Pelkkä Poutanen is performing at the festival in July 2023. Photo Tiiu Hyyryläinen.

Showcase application form will be open until 11 Feb 2024.

Showcase bands have been selected at the Kaustinen festival since 2013. The already established series presents forward-looking, emerging and internationalized folk music names. Three bands will be selected for the Showcase series, each of which will perform on two different days and on two different stages at the festival. The summer 2024 showcase series is implemented in cooperation with The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and Music Finland.

Three artists or bands are selected for the series. Selected performers will be notified of their selection personally during March 2024.

You should apply as a showcase band, if you are

  • solo artist or a band
  • hoping to perform on the big stages at the festival
  • interest and aim to target international music markets
  • hoping to develop the band's / artist's own marketing skills

The one selected for the Showcase series are offered

  • performing venues at Club Kallio / Kallioklubi and at Mondo, PH Nordgren hall (acoustic) or Pelimannitalo (acoustic)
  • coaching from Music Finland for marketing your own expertise, networking with the delegation and creating international contacts
  • prominent visibility in the marketing of the festival (print, social media, www and press conferences during the festival week).

In addition

  • accommodation with breakfast (maximum 3 nights)
  • food for each performer at the festival restaurant on the day of the performance
  • each band gets 200€ travel allowance (invoiced)
  • Compensation from the Finnish Radio Broadcast Yle of the recorded performance

Additional information about the showcase series from the Programme Director or from artists@kaustinen.net