Kaustinen Showcase Bands 2024

Showcase bands have been selected at the Kaustinen festival since 2013. The already established series presents forward-looking, emerging and internationalized folk music names. Three bands will be selected for the Showcase series, each of which will perform at the festival at least on Wednesday 10.7. at Club Kallio. The summer 2024 showcase series is implemented in cooperation with The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and Music Finland.

Ilkka Heinonen

Ancient sounds filter through Renaissance palaces and old-fashioned Karelian sheaths as Heinonen combines Karelian dance tunes with early music aesthetics and live electronics. Ilkka Heinonen's jouhikko music wanders the boundaries between the sacred and the secular, both rough and subtle.  


Ilkka Heinonen – jouhikko, voice

Debut Album

Käki 2023


The melodies of the six-piece band's new wave instrumental folk music have the beauty of Nordic folk music and a landscape-painting narrative. The band section's cultivating rhythms and harmonies roar boldly, drawing on a variety of genres. Each musician brings their own story to the songs and with it colour, vibrancy and beauty.


Saija Penttilä – double bass (compositions and production)
Jaakko Penttilä – guitars (compositions and production)
Aino Kinnunen – fiddle
Jari Kankare – wind instruments
Maimu Jõgeda – accordion
Jesse Lehto – drums

Released single

Mahonki 2023

Mahonki Music Video is Best LGBT film / Stockholm City Film Festival, 2023

The music video is directed by Jori Grönroos.


Described as one of the coolest bands around today, the duo has since its inception focused on honing its own Nordic instrumental folk music style, harnessing the metal and jazz influences of violinist Olli Sippola and the Finnish-American rock and roots upbringing of guitarist Sakari Keipi. The duo leap across genre and style boundaries when they feel like it, but their respect for tradition runs deep.


Sakari Keipi – guitar
Olli Sippola – fiddle

Debut Album

Askola 2021