Rajaton. Kuva: Lari Järnefelt

Crying Uncle Bluegrass Band (US)

Iltavilli. Kuva: Veera Ailunka

Kaustinen caters for all the senses!

The programme of the 52nd Kaustinen Folk Music Festival is packed with celebrated Finnish and international artists. This year’s theme, ‘Around the World – Internationality in Folk Music and Folk Dance’, brings performers from 23 countries. This year’s other theme, rhythm, engages the listener through all the senses. Unique cooperation with associations in the hearing sector brings sign language interpreters in the festival area, and special programming for the visitors. Music produces a physical experience. Feel the Music!

In addition to the festival, a great deal of work is carried out at Kaustinen all year round in order for the local-style violin playing tradition to be included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List
in 2021. The local tradition of violin playing has existed uninterrupted in Kaustinen for at least 250 years. This tradition also remains strong among young people.

The festival has also attracted a vast number of traditional folk music artists this year. In addition to music, the week will be filled with other activities, such as dance workshops, ukulele courses, and a workshop on the coveted art of spoon playing.

The popular hashtag of the festival, #thehappiestdaysofthesummer is true at Kaustinen Folk Music Festival every day and night. Tradition comes alive in every corner and event, whether it’s night-time hiking or the infamously entrancing night of the quadrille!

Program in English

English program 2019(pdf)

This program includes all program in the Festival area. Enjoy your stay in Kaustinen!