Showcase concerts are arranged, depending on group size, on our larger stages (Keskipohjanmaa Arena, Café Mondo, Club Kallio, Kaustinen Hall) with sound systems and/or on smaller, more intimate and acoustic locations (Folk Musician’s House, Iholla hall) with no sound reinforcement (use of own sound reinforcement also discouraged).

Groups and solo artists chosen for the series will receive special attention in festival marketing (print, online, press conferences during the festival week). While showcase performers will not be compensated for their performances, they will be offered dormitory accommodation when needed and a meal on their concert day. During the festival, a film crew will record material from the second concert of each showcase performer and the performers will have the right to use parts of these quality live recordings.

Showcase series 2018

Väisänen jne.

Väisänen jne. (Photo: Sampo Ukkola)

Maria Reikko & Best Case Scenario Band

Maria Reikko & Best Case Scenario Band. Photo Susanna Lönnrot.

Trio Törn

Trio Törn (Photo: Sona Hellman)