The Happiest Days of Summer 2017: 10th – 16th July!

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For the 50th time running, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival marks the spot for the happiest days of the summer. The festival has been organized since 1968 to uphold and celebrate the strong folk music and dance tradition in the area. Kaustinen has taken a powerful role as a meeting point for folk music folk from near and far: Thousands of amateur and professional musicians and dancers from all over Finland and around the world strike a common chord here every summer. A great number of international artists and dance groups add their compelling tint to the mix.

A major event such as the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival in the cosy rural surroundings of Kaustinen area is a colorful medley of music and dance: Friends and professionals of folk music and dance come together for a lively week of workshops, jam sessions and performances from early morning to late night.

There are 27 stages of different sizes in the festival area. The largest one is the Keskipohjanmaa arena with 3000 seats, and the smallest one is an old sleigh called Laulureki. All the other stages are equally varied in style and size.