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Press release 13 January 2017 Kaustinen celebrates its 50th festival year with an abundant display of both the historical roots which form the foundation of the festival, and a lavish array of visions of the future. The 50th anniversary theme is Feast and it’s safe to look forward to a copious feast that draws from the celebration traditions in the … Read More

Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2016 programme released

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Press release 8 March 2016 Kaustinen celebrates its 49th festival summer in 2016. The versatile programme consists, as always, of a myriad of amateur folk musicians, best professional folk musicians in the country, highly interesting international world music names and singer-songwriters from the top of the radio waves. This year’s programme theme is wind music. Federspel from Austria has recently … Read More

Let the wind music sound at Kaustinen!

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Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 2016 moves your dancing feet to the music of wind instruments. This year’s festival celebrates 150 Years of Folk Dance and traditional wind instrument music. The regional theme is the eastern Finnish region of Kainuu. The Band of the Year 2016 at Kaustinen is world music band Piirpauke who recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. Led by … Read More

Kaustinen Folk Music Festival programme released

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Press release 18 March 2015 The programme for the 48th Kaustinen Folk Music Festival has been released. Dozens of high-profile artists bookings ensure that the festival programme will once more offer unparalleled quality and variety with thousands of performances over the entire festival week from July 6th to 12th, on no less than 24 stages. The theme for the 2015 … Read More